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    PVC Card

    PVC card for printing data Made from high quality materials Accepted and selected from many agencies and leading companies. Plastic Card (plastic card) Card member card This type of employee card will include card members, staff, student cards, membership cards, discount cards. We provide plastic card printing service with Digital Offset system. Which has a distinctive feature that is not sharp, can enter data, including image data, name, contact number, or running a barcode run number at the same time Causing the problem of data copying Because the heat is compressed with a glossy sheet Makes the card durable, strong, not peeling

    Available in 3 thicknesses

    0.76 mm, suitable for card, employee card, student card, thickness is equal to ATM card

    0.45 mm, suitable for members, concert tickets

    0.30 mm, suitable for business cards, employee cards that need to be inserted with magnetic cards

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    Picture of HID CARD Mifare 1K Mifare S50

    HID CARD Mifare 1K Mifare S50

    HID's Proximity and FlexSmart® MIFARE contactless smart card combines smart card technology with the benefits of HID's proven proximity smart card technology. The contactless proximity smart card can be used for diverse applications such as access control, cashless vending, public transportation, event ticketing, customer loyalty and photo ID cards. Securely separated sectors enable multiple applications and support future growth. Different keys can protect read/write operations to build key hierarchies in the system.
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    Picture of ZEBRA 104523-111 Premier PVC Card

    ZEBRA 104523-111 Premier PVC Card

    ZEBRA Premier PVC Cards give you image sharpness needed for vivid colors and detailed, readable barcodes. Poor quality cards often have uneven surfaces and burrs that reduce print quality and cause printhead damage. Zebra guarantees its pure PVC and Composite PVC cards to be compliant with ISO standards for maximum durability applications, to be dust-free, and to have smooth edges, giving you better print quality every time.
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